Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Sound drivers, ugh!

Not too long ago, I changed my main computer, and the sound drivers have never been quite the same since. I use ASIO4ALL, and the new machine always has dropouts when I am monitoring what I am recording, or with some settings actual dropouts that make recording stop.

Then some combination that worked in Cubase didn't work with Adobe Premiere, then uninstalling the Audiobox drivers meant no sound from Windows though Cubase worked fine, and disabling the onboard sound devices resulted in a crash on updating NVIDIA drivers and ASIO4ALL freezing when I tried to run Cubase.... sometimes I miss the days of reel-to-reel ;)

Anyway, haven't let it stop me finishing up remixing "Different This Time", which I had thought I liked last time around but ended up making tons of changes to the mix. Next up, finding a session singer for it!

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