Sunday, January 28, 2018

Ovation Elite Plus Contour overview, and finally found lyric video software!

Weekly update time! When shopping for a new Ovation recently, I couldn't find the information I needed - how much difference does the contour back make vs the traditional Ovation round back? What is the new Op-Pro Studio pre-amp like, and what do the Drive and Expressor do exactly? What does it sound like?

So, I made my own video now that I own one:

The guitar arrived on Tuesday, and is quite a stunner! Always been a huge fan of Ovations, and this one is by far the best one I have owned.

As yet haven't recorded anything with her (except for the video above), but will be doing that in the coming week. I got some great feedback on "Long Time Coming" from Brent Baxter of which is a great place to share your songs and get feedback, and based on that I am going to rewrite it some, mostly restructuring and removing rather than adding. That will give me the perfect opportunity to put the new Ovation (named Spirit :) ) to good use.


I mentioned last time I was searching for software to ease the time involved in making lyric videos, and I found it - under the unlikely name of YouTube Movie Maker.

The beauty of this software is it will import your lyrics in text file format (.txt), and then your mp3, and as you play the mp3, simple presses of a key on your keyboard will define the start and end point of each line, et voila, your lyrics are done in time with your music!

I will be putting this to good use in coming weeks, and getting some simple lyric videos done and uploaded. Using video sites to listen to music is an increasingly common thing, even if the video is just a still photo, so it's good to have the music available on those sites too.


And of course there are new songs on the go, with "What You Don't Know" being well on its way - but I'll be pausing to rework "Long Time Coming" first before I move on to the next one.


Sunday, January 21, 2018

Long Time Coming, and Pinball Machine

Two new songs wrapped up this weekend and the one before - Pinball Machine and Long Time Coming. Both are following my current approach of finishing writing the many songs I have on the go, and getting them down as work tapes rather than trying to coming up with more complete demos.

They should be developed, arranged and produced enough to be listenable, but I keep them pretty simple, with drums, bass, rhythm guitar and vocals and that's about it. Denying myself the pleasure of adding layers and arrangements, at least for now!

As part of that focus on writing, have also joined run by the most excellent Brent Baxter, and am taking his Building a Hit course which is proving very educational and inspirational.

Other things to expect - new gear coming this week, all to be revealed later! Working on planning out a move to Nashville later this year; since my apartment keeps flooding, I want to move and if I am packing up everything anyway I am as well moving city and not just apartment as there's nothing to keep me where I am just now!

I'm also considering getting the songs up on YouTube once I figure how to make decent lyric videos without taking time away from the writing - if you have any suggestions for good software that eases that process, let me know!