Sunday, September 30, 2018

Echoes of travellin' times 3

Still playing catch up with some photos from recent travels, this time some shots from Vienna. We've got Vienna from the air as I flew in, the Metropol theater, the hotel street, the B72 bar, and a restaurant I forget the name of. I'll just intersperse those amongst the post!

Been a busy few weeks here too. I've been enjoying heading down to the NSAI weekly workshops, the one just over a week ago was the very intensive "speed dating for songwriters" night which was a cool way to get to say hit to some 20 or 30 people - but boy it moved fast! Next up will be saying hello to some of those folks to see if anyone wants to co-write :)

Last week's one was Genre Song Feedback Night, with the genre being Americana this time around. it was hosted by Elizabeth Elkins, one half of Granville Automatic, and as ever it was an awesome and useful experience to hear all the songs that were played and to hear the feedback given on all of those (as well as the feedback on my own song too - just that there is much more value to the feedback nights than that!)

There was a lot of good general business info in there too as well as specifics about each song, like some stuff about licensing, and the inevitable discussion on just what Americana is anyway! Worth going along to these, even if you don't have a song to play that week.

Meantime I've kept on changing the lyrics to "Awake, Alone and a Mess", fixing up a few little things that didn't sit right with me. I am still hunting for the lyrics for the bridge, though I have the melody now (unless I change my mind ;) ). Seems to be a hazard in writing a song about insomnia, that you may end up having a few sleepless nights yourself, but there you go!

The next one to catch up with will be the Chicago trip photos - and then I'll be having a new set of photos from Venice as heading there in a little over a week (don't expect canals though, ironically!)


Sunday, September 23, 2018

Echoes of Travellin' Times 2

Catching up on some of my recent travels! Back in August, I was over to Europe and back via Vegas, so we'll start in Sofia, Bulgaria.

I was only there for about 24 hours - should have been more like 48, but the first leg of my flight to Chicago was delayed and delayed, and eventually I ended up leaving via a different route on the next day (which got me there faster than leaving via Chicago on the same day as planned).

Had the chance on the one evening there to catch some live music, a fusion of jazz and traditional Bulgarian music. Not often I see a Telecaster and an accordion in action together :) There were also samples of the traditional music being triggered up-front there, to make for a unique sonic palette!

Getting around in these other cities often seems much easier than here in Nashville ;) I do love public transport in all it's forms! This is a flash forward to Vienna, more on that next time.

Lots going on musically of course - should have some new work tapes soon ("Diamonds and Pearls", "Wild at Heart" which are pretty much finished I think... then "Awake, Alone and a Mess", "She's All Woman", and "No Problem With My Problems" - the last one having arisen from my travels as I'll mention when it's finished and posted!)

I do love gear and sounds! This last week, the folks over at Soundtoys had a sale on Crystallizer, which I'd tried out on demo some time back but was a bit too pricey back then for quite a specific effect - but was perfect at the sale price! May make use of it on "Awake, Alone and a Mess" as it happens. It's kind of an echo / reverb with pitch shifting, so you can get the shimmer reverb for instance, as well as a range of other unique and creative effects.

Have a good one!