Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Mayday Mayday

So, it's a day past May Day, but ah well. Makes for a good title, and "close enough for jazz" as they say.

Did have a long weekend, unrelated to it being May Day, just booked some time off, which meant a chance to focus on some music! I snapped a couple of photos of the guitars, and started a rough draft of an instrumental piece featuring both Strat and Tele through the same sounds so that the only difference is the guitars (and the pickup selections).

I named it "White Blonde & Sunburst" after the guitars, and that means Blondie has become the Teles name. I plan on finishing up the track sometime, keeping it as an instrumental - may even do a little instrumental EP or something!

Then I updated the Soundcloud tracks with the latest mixes where they exist, and did the same on Reverbnation. Then I completed "Came to this Country" which had been on the go for a while, and inspired by my recent Naturalization as an American Citizen! That was back in March, and the song is a bit of autobiography and a bit of humour, but also I hope it has a couple of serious points in there to make people think about what the true good things are about America.

The last thing I was able to fit in was a bit more development on the other Naturalization-inspired track - had words and chords for the chorus already, so found some chords for the verse, found some words for two verses, changed the chords to fit the melody for the words, and laid out something of a structure for it.

Still needs at least one more verse. It's one of those topics that is hard not to be cheesy in the lyrics, so we'll see if I can make 'em good! Also have a weird idea that I may or may not use - played a couple of notes on the guitar, then time stretched them in Melodyne so that they go on forever, turning them into a kind of "bagpipe drone". Not sure if I will keep it in the song or not - may just try it elsewhere for another song, we'll see. I think I ended up with something of a 70s Grateful Dead / Quicksilver Messenger Service vibe with that (though not in the rest of the song!) so it may fit, we'll see!