Saturday, July 26, 2014

Camp Copperhead was awesome!

Steve Earle closing one of the open mic sessions
It was very inspirational! Not so much about how to choose a chord to come next, but about songwriting as art, its place in history, its roots, and thoughts on useful mechanics (e.g. use computers rather than pen and paper for writing your songs.)

I think the biggest thing I took out of it was, work on your music. Take it seriously. The second and third verses (that you write) are bastards, but work on them so that they meet or exceed the bar you set in that first verse you scribbled down that came out "just so" and don't coast on that one great verse and leave the rest average.

Meantime, the "day job" sucked up time, but now wrapping up the mix for "Pedal To The Metal" and then will be bundling the songs together and getting them out as an EP on iTunes.

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Travelling soon

Must...keep.... awake!

Only a few more hours before I try to go to sleep through the evening, til about midnight, so I can head out here on the way to Camp Copperhead, should be leaving here about 1am ish, to get there about 3pm ish their time tomorrow.

Stayed up late last night, but got up early this morning. Hoping that gives me enough fatigue to sleep through the evening which is normally prime awake time for me! Once I get the drive to Dallas done I'll be good as can sleep on the plane before Albany to the resort.

Poor body is confused right now though as I mess with its sleep schedule. Sorry biology, you have to take a back seat just for a day.

Friday, July 4, 2014

In The Car

I guess I have to make this part of my mixing process - going for a drive.

See, I get things sounding just so, and then a few days later I'll have to head out in the car, and I listen to the track then and... notice things I didn't while mixing. So I suppose once I think I have it, I ought to jump in the car and go out, drive around some country lanes, come back and make changes!

So yes, though I promised myself I'd be getting my playing better for the very close Camp Coppherhead, I ended up spending the day remixing "The Passing of Years".

Wasn't enough bass, harmonies had got lost in some changes, and this was all after I moved the acoustic guitars over to CLA in place of S-Gear (the electrics remain on S-Gear) and took out some noise. Also jiggled the volume of the acoustics to make them quieter under the vocals.

So not what I planned for the day, but very worthwhile - next time I "finish" a song though, I will get in the car before I go uploading it!