Sunday, October 7, 2018

Echoes of travelin' times 4

Sure has been a lot of travel in recent months! Which means I am still catching up with some photos from those trips - only up to Vegas (I think I mentioned Chicago last time, but Chicago is coming up next). About to add more this coming week, with a trip to Venice.

I kind of expect to see Batman somewhere in this photo (yes yes, I know, Gotham was his stomping ground and not Vegas, but still).

Been doing a lot of writing lately and just going with the flow, where the flow seems to be mostly coming up with choruses. For sure I plan on stopping to add verses, bridges and more to these, but new ideas keep popping up that seem too good to lose so I make sure I get those recorded in the rough.

Titles - or working titles at least - include "Seatbelt Light", "Cowboy Summer", and then a few with no lyrics and just melody / chords so they don't have titles yet (always hard to know what to name the files on the computer when the song doesn't even have a working title! "Hit song" is at least a positive outlook when saving the file, I guess :) )

I do have to tear myself away from writing though, to take care of other business aspects of things - I still have to follow up with potential co-writers from the co-writer speed dating event at NSAI, so I must do that; the itch to pick up the guitar and create will have to wait for a short time while I do that. There's more to songwriting than, err, writing songs!

To wrap up, for those interested, I used the free program FotoSketcher ( to add a bit of extra interest to my Vegas snapshots. Check it out!