Sunday, November 30, 2014

Rough n Ready

I have about 80 songs in various states of beginning or completion.

Now, for me writing always involves some arranging, I can't help it - the song has a version in my head that includes the whole feel to it, the way the guitars should sound, the bass, how acoustic and electric should work together, little notes and phrases that would be multitracked.

But what I am working on is doing that, but still treating it as writing - not as making a song ready for a CD. After all, I want to be a writer, not a performer. My hope is someone else will love a song of mine enough to go ahead and record it!

So no more agonizing over every detail. And heck, I'll sing the songs myself too. Because I need to get those songs finished, and let the world hear them, even in "advanced demo" form. Wish me luck!

Different This Time

It always appalls me that people think getting free of an abusive relationship is easy - oh, you just walk out! Actually, for hundreds of reasons, it can be very very hard indeed, and takes guts and bravery to break out of a cycle.

I dislike the scorn that people pour on others who are trapped, or who were trapped for years; I dislike the "blaming" that goes on, with they made themselves the victim. And so I wrote this song.

It should of course be sung by a woman, but in the new spirit of rough n ready as noted above, it's just me delivering it - use your imagination! At least, until someone picks up the song to do their version.

Meantime for those trapped in abusive situations - may you find the support and help you need to be freed from that situation, and yes, it is not as easy as people make out.