Sunday, November 29, 2015

The sun will rise

Whew... life has been exhausting and hard for the last few months, which is why no new music. Major upheavals that were beyond anything I could ever have foreseen, such that it all seems like some bizarre unreal dream.

One facet of that has been a move at short notice, so am just settling in and setting up and getting used to a new normal. There are challenges ahead - with new rent to pay, and changes to my financial situation, there is much uncertainty. But on other scores, more stability. In the end, I will accept that uncertainty as it is at least primarily under my control!

After months of barely touching an instrument, today was the day I played and wrote some for the first time in ages! In part, getting things ready so there is a "routine" to be able to follow to get to the point of getting songs done on... well not paper, but digital storage!

Whatever adversity you yourself may be facing (if any, and I hope there is none!) do remember that the sun will rise once more, bringing colour and warmth back to life - persevere, and have faith!

All the best,