Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Arranging Addict!

A current in-development song in Cubase

I just can't seem to write without arranging!

It's not enough for me to lay down the chords and sing over them, because I always have more in mind than that.

I have an impression of what the drums ought to do, what the bass should sound like, what kind of solo or instrumental there might be, for how an electric can sit on top of the acoustic, and so on.

So I find that whenever I write a song, I can't stop at just laying down the bare bones - though maybe I ought to learn to do that.

Thing is, I am a writer, not a performer, but the downside to having so much in my head for how the song should sound is that it takes time to do all that extra stuff.

That slows me down in terms of getting my songs down in a listenable form rather than just in my head. But, as a writer, I really ought to show that I have a lot of songs.

So I am thinking it's time to take a different approach, and "scribble down" the songs. After all, it's not my plan to release them, really I want someone else to take them and run with them! All I really need is something that sounds good enough to get the point of the song across, to let listening ears hear the possibilities in them!

We'll see how that goes, when I refuse to give satisfaction to the arranging part of me, or to the perfectionist part of me that wants to tweak and twiddle with the effects and settings and more - wish me luck!