Saturday, December 20, 2014

3 million fakes

Ah the craving for popularity! The marketing tool of showing how many people LOVE you - 3 million love me, you should too! It's ok to love my work, take comfort, millions of others do!

The obsession with social numbers is amazing, and scary. It was with amusement I read about Instagram taking care of fake accounts, and that this meant some celebrities lost not hundreds, not thousands, not hundreds of thousands, but millions of "followers"

Somebody, somewhere, knew that these were fake - perhaps not the celebrity (though perhaps), but someone in marketing somewhere, someone in promotions, must have known. Justin Bieber lost 3 and a half million. More tellingly, an online marketing specialist Wellington Campos lost 3.2 million. Uh huh, online marketing specialist.... perhaps an insight into just what they were selling?

It just amazes me that people care that much about how many followers they have. The bottom line is of course, the bottom line - money. So I guess some things never change.

Give me 1 person who actually cares, over 3 million who don't exist, any day.