Thursday, June 1, 2017

You can burn

I want to do more writing, and less recording - that is, get rough drafts done rather than trying to polish them up each time! To that end, to save me being tied to the computer whenever I want to play guitar, got myself a Blackstar ID Core 10.

I do have a Fender CyberTwin, but a 100 watt amp in an apartment building doesn't win you any friends. The beauty of the ID Core 10 is that it's a twin speaker amp, even in such a tiny box, and Blackstar's "Super Wide Stereo" really DOES work. Expect a video review sometime!

And nice sweets from Sweetwater - glad they went with sweets and not water, that would have been a whole lot less interesting.

On the writing front, still polishing up "American Now", but for the new "write it, don't record it" approach, I finished up "You Can Burn" in now-its-written form. The song actually took root back when Trump was first elected, just knew his policies would be all about what got him votes - that is, what lets businesses right now profit, and future generations be damned. And that gave me the title and concept.

Anyway, here it is in the drafts and experiments list over on Soundcloud!