Sunday, August 19, 2018

Travellin' Times

Busy couple of weeks, and more coming up!

I'll be off over to Europe, then back via a few days in Vegas, starting tomorrow, so will be out of commission for the next 10 days or so. So I have crammed in a bunch of stuff before heading off!

Friday Nights Live

Headed down to The Listening Room, on the advice and invite of Randy England, and caught Stephanie Owens, Phil Barton, Victoria Banks and Lance Carpenter performing. Each is an awesome songwriter, and awesome performer!

New Songs

Two new songs done to work tape level, "Wild at Heart" and "Diamonds and Pearls". Co-writing a blues track at the moment, but that won't get completed til I get back from my sojourns!


Since I am still making use of TuneSmith, I did the right thing and purchased Rhyme Genie - maybe I could have kept on using TuneSmith for free, but heck, if I am finding it useful, the creator deserves their payment!

After some frustration with reverbs that come with my amp sim software / with Cubase, I demo'ed lots from Valhalla, and settled on the awesome Valhalla Vintage Verb. Amazing price at only $50 for such high quality reverbs, and was hard to choose just one - will likely add more to my arsenal later on though. It got used on "Diamonds and Pearls" :)

Then just today I purchased Reel ADT from Waves as it was on sale at $29 - vocal doubling / thickening is another thing that I've never quite got to my satisfaction, and was something I particularly wanted for the work tape of that when the time comes around. I tried out the demo and really liked it, once again it solved something I'd always wanted to do but hadn't found a way of doing!


A week ago on Thursday, went down to the weekly NSAI workshop where Shelly Peiken was sharing her experiences in the world of songwriting, though heartfelt and funny anecdotes and also songs too! Was great to hear "Bitch" performed by the songwriter themselves, as just one example of the cool things in the show. Picked up a copy of the book while there, will take that along on my upcoming travels :)

And that's it for now! Got to go pack :)

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