Monday, August 3, 2015


With so many creative avenues, running down one means taking a break from another. For the moment, no further songwriting as yet, as have shifted focus to the electronic style music (I know, how weird to do country rock on one hand, and electronic new age on the other - but I am who I am!)

Updated the least important of my 3 computers to Windows 10. May try the 2nd most important tomorrow, will do some tests with the slowest one and see how it's working - have it set up for desktop sharing at long last too so I can control the other two machines from here.

As for this main machine, still doesn't have it's notice that it is ready to upgrade, perhaps because it has so much weird musical, 3D, graphics and video stuff on it! Either way, the music et al is too important to risk, so I'd be holding off anyway.