Saturday, April 4, 2015

Rough 'n' Ready

Have continued on with the rough 'n' ready approach and wrapped up another song.

I find it an interesting way to record - after all, what I want to do is get the songs out there with the intent of someone finding one they like and recording it themselves. That means that agonizing over every detail is rather counter-productive, and just delays things.

Mostly I need to finish writing the 70 or so song fragments in various states of completion, and wrap up a version that is just good enough to show what the song could be.

So far I'm finding it goes like this - record the song by laying down some drum pattern, getting the guitar sounds I want, and finalizing the structure. This will usually involve everything except the bass, and includes the vocals, so we have the whole song, or close to it, all down.

Then I come back to it another day, and re-record everything except the drums and add the bass - this latter step normally takes 2 or 3 hours, so goes pretty fast. I find I can then redo the rhythm guitar while listening to the singing, so that it fits better (I can stop doing so much twiddling while the singing is going on - same applies for the guitar solo, is nice to redo the rit git while that is playing so they mesh better) and then redo the vocals to fit that new rit git, then redo the bass (if it was done) to fit all that.

Since it is quick and dirty, I don't mind if the odd mistake makes it in there, and I also don't try to get everything in one take, I might split up the bass, or the guitar solo for instance, aiming to record, say, a verse, then stop and record the chorus, then stop and do the verse - that way if I screw it up, I am not having to redo the whole thing.

Now, when I did "The Amber Dream" mini-album which was intended as a complete and polished collection, I did indeed aim to get the take that was in there to be a complete one pass with no comped in bits. To be honest, there's no real reason for that, it's not like it's a live performance! But there you go.

However, I have to lose those pointless habits and weird preferences and just get writing. So I will!