Sunday, February 14, 2016

Songwriting log Feb 14th 2016

That was a long gap! Things got real busy with car trouble, money worries, and a ton of work (needed to fix the money worries, which enabled fixing the car!)

Came back to the song after the two month break, and found I liked it just as it was - had been unsure about some of the electric guitar extras, but loved them when I heard it with fresh ears!

Did change the title to "Do You Know" and you can give it a listen here.

Since I am focused on writing more than recording, decided not to re-record anything, otherwise I'll never get through the catalogue of songs I have waiting for their time in the limelight!

So yes, the bass parts are copy and paste from one place to another, some vocal tweaks were done using Melodyne rather than a re-record, the acoustic rhythm guitar as a mistake in it somewhere - but hey, I want to leave my perfectionist days behind!

So that now gives you a look at how I write, starting with something recorded while in the car, through initial roughs, additions of various parts to give the final arrangement, to a completely written song!

And now.... on with the next song.